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our story

The creation of our brand

For as long as I could remember I’ve suffered with my skin with dark spots or the occasional acne to using soo many products that my skin was full of acne and uneven skin patches. I then decided to lightly bleach my skin to even my skin tone but little did i know it left my skin even worst than before. I was sick of the big retail skincare companies that could not help my skin, so thats when Cltrskincare began forming in my mind.
Still frustrated

When I found out i had PCOS my skin went from worst to horrific. Being an African American woman with a deeper hue i wanted to feel like I also was the standard of beauty I didn’t want to be labeled as flawed. I had, had enough. I was still frustrated, my skin was not getting better and the constantly looking at social media and wanting to look picture perfect made me beyond sad. I decided i would make my dream of clearer skin a reality and to change the idea of what the standard of being was.

The solution

Being a biochemistry major in college I realized that maybe I could take my talents to creating skincare formulations. I researched read hundreds of peer reviewed articles on ingredients and its effects on skin. So I started to create the products I needed based on whatever skin issue i wanted to target. Then i realized i was not the only one who had these issues, so I created cultured skincare "Cltrskincare" for us to get the products are skin needs.



We created this brand to target hyperpigmentation. I suffered from pcos so I wanted to create a brand that would cater to PCOS symptoms I was having. I created products that would cater to textured skin patches  uneven skin pigmentation and an overall skin and body positive brand.  Our goal is to inspire everyone to love the skin they’re in. We achieve this by posting and talking about mental health, skin and body positively and simply educating our customers are about the benefits of our products. We also promote mental resets by encouraging our customer to establish a self care routine that allows them to relax and pamper themselves



Our mission

Cltrskincare (culture skincare) is vegan skincare brand created by black woamn to help solve the common skin problems we experience such as hyperpigmentation, eczema, acne, oily blotchy patches. We keep our ingredients simple and clean. We create our formulations in small batches to help preserve the integrity of our formulations.

In part Our goal is to inspire you to appreciate your skin and its history. Formulated with the highest quality ingredients; We back our formulations by scientific research. Never tested on animals only humans simple clean skincare. We believe there is no such thing as perfect skin but there is a thing called healthy skin and we strive for nothing but that. Say goodbye to meaningless products that does nothing to improve your skin.

It's more than just skincare it's a lifestyle Cltrskincare — a fierce and black female-owned brand. Explore our products


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